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World War Cup

About the production company

PULS DIGITAL PRODUCTION is a production company working in the field of animated films, VFX and challenging live action films. 

Founded in 2014, the company has shortly become a leader in the production of short animated films in Romania.

The company works with creative Romanian filmmakers who dare to explore various styles of animation and cinematographical visions.

The studio does mostly 3D animation and special effects, but is anxious to explore other techniques, such as 2D, rotoscoping and mixed media. The short films in production use a variety of techniques and visual styles.

The artists and technicians at PULS DIGITAL PRODUCTION are able to follow the entire workflow from concept to final product, working on development, storyboarding, character design, modeling, animation and post-production, in order to deliver high quality films in due time, with a passion for originality and detail, always adapting their commissioned work to the demands and budget of the projects, be they short films, TV commercials or imagery of feature films, no matter the scale or complexity.